Need An Inspiration to Write in English? Here, Pick One! :D

This year, days gone by so fast. And just about this week, we are already in the middle of the year. So what is better than a round-up post of the challenges we rolled out so far?

You can use this post to find an inspiration or two (or even more!) when you want to write something in English but seem can’t find any idea. 😀 That is what we do best, give you challenges week after week.

So for the last over 5 months, here are the challenges that you can pick:

Challenge #16.1: New Year, New Word!

This was our very first challenge in 2016. With the new year celebration still in the air, we challenged you all to share what will be your word for the year!

This kind of challenge we think will be our regular challenge every year in the future. It helped me personally in 2015 getting through the year and hopefully will do too this year. And we wanted all of you good guys following this blog will have a wonderful year by setting your theme in the beginning.

We always welcome you if you just decided to choose your word and decided to publish your post!

Challenge #16.2: Confusing Words? Let Us Practice!

We talked about some time, sometime and sometimes and also quiet, quit, quite. Do you know the difference and how to use those words? 

Just click the link above and read it out. And we published the challenge to ask you to play with us. A bit tricky and got me doubt myself picking the word for the sentence I was about to write.

So, do you think you can handle the challenge? Write your piece and use those words and share the story! 😀

Challenge #16.3: The Simple Three!

We were talking about three simple things which can be useful for learning English. Thus, we would like to know what are three simple things essentials to them.

There were three simple things for healthier financial life, to be grateful for and many others when we read the challenge submissions. So, this can be a good start for you to write what are three simple things which maybe only you know but can be essentials for others.

Interesting isn’t it?

Challenge #16.4: Your Favorite App!

We shared an app which can help you to learn English easily. And turned out we realized that an app can turn something dreadful (for some learning English is very difficult) to something so much fun to do!

There was the idea coming from. If there’s a very fun way to learn English, there is gotta be a way to make financial management a fun way as well.

So, are you willing to share your essential app that helps you through the day?

Challenge #16.5: The Great Solar Eclipse!

Following the great solar eclipse occurred a few months back?

This challenge was all about it. A historical moment about the movement of the heavenly bodies. We wanted to know your story!

Still have the memory fresh in mind but haven’t share it to the world? Come on! Share the story with us!

Challenge #16.6: Managing Your Online Presence

This is the most challenging challenge we published yet. How do you manage your online presence?

Just read the challenge and write your story. It is very interesting since you have to think thoroughly about how do you want to be known in this internet age.

Let us know about it 🙂

Challenge #16.7: Let’s Just Be Honest, Isn’t it The Best Policy?

To get the continuation from the previous challenge, the 7th challenge for the year was all about honesty. About baring it all on the internet.

Of course, we understand that we don’t need to tell everything about yourself. Share what we need to share but share the truth. The challenge was also related to blog competition!

Are you a strong contender for every blog competition out there on the blogosphere? If you are you may want to write your answer to the challenge!

Challenge #16.8: What Makes You Go and Watch A Movie?

Taking it light, we changed the challenge into an easier topic. What makes you go and watch a movie?

Everyone must have his/her own reason to pay and watch a movie. So we challenge you to write about it. Can it be the scenario, the awards the movie had won or the cast of the movie. What is yours?

Challenge #16.9: Unexpected Events from Your Blog!

Yeay! We return to blogging experience!

What do you think about your blogging activity? Have you experienced something that you never even thought before?

Share the story. It may a paid post, a meetup with someone famous or a free trip to your dream destination! Share the blogging miracle story to us! 😀

Challenge #16.10: Share Your Tips About Adjustments You Need to Do During Ramadan

With Ramadan and fasting month in the air, we want to learn what are adjustments you make during the holy month.

The challenge is just a week old and the inlinkz are still open. So have you given a thought about it? Write your answer to the challenge! 😀


Soooooo, come on friends! Let’s join the challenge! We don’t have any prize to offer. Not a voucher nor a goodiebag for you if you decide to write your piece. However, we have very generous mentors that will provide their guidance for us to be able to write better in English.

If you want to get prize writing in English, you may join Fun Blogging’s FED Challenge! It is an already well-known blogging community which now provides English Challenge and English Friday as one of its programs. So you can learn and get the opportunity to get prizes as well. 🙂

All in all, the experience of learning and improving your skills and ability are very rewarding. Aren’t they?


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