THREE (EF 16.3 Challenge)

In our last Tidbit post we talked about three simple things which can be useful when we’re learning a foreign language. Our last English Essential post, which discussed about degree of certainty, explained three examples of different degrees of certainty. So, we think it would be great if the third challenge this year is: THREE 🙂 .

EF 16.3 Challenge (36th challenge)

You can write about anything from personal to popular topics but make sure your post includes three things relevant to your chosen topic.

Some prompts to give you idea:

  1. My three main goals this year
  2. Three secluded beaches to visit in Yogyakarta
  3. Blog optimizing for beginners: three simple steps
  4. Please, never ask me about these three things
  5. … (leave comment below if you want to share your idea! )

We hope you will have a lot of fun with this challenge! 😀

Submit the link to your post through the inlinkz button below:

You can always check our English Essentials page and our challenges or challenge review for reference or to get ideas. We look forward to your post! 😀

8 thoughts on “THREE (EF 16.3 Challenge)

  1. F. H. says:

    I registered as a member through the form few weeks ago but it seems it hasn’t been updated since then. Maybe I missed one point or two so I filled the form again this morning. I already write for #EF 16.3 so I hope it’s accepted in the inlinkz 🙂


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