EF 16.9 Unexpected Events from Your Blog

Hi there you all! 😀 Have you had your breakfast? It is Friday again and has been two weeks from our latest challenge, What Makes You Go to A Cinema and Watch A Movie? which that means today is another challenge day! Yippy!

As for our latest Tidbits topic was about search terms that lead people to visit this blog (and how they surprised us so they were worth a post), we are curious about your blog as well! So we decided to go with this challenge this week! 😀

We are curious about what kind of unexpected events that you have experienced because of a blog?

Tema tantangan minggu ini adalah apa sih momen yang gak pernah disangka-sangka dan akhirnya kejadian karena blog?

You can write about how bizarre your search terms or maybe even getting invited to meet your favorite actor, like Mbak Nurul in Surabaya or anything! Share your story and let us know how your blog surprised you!

The rules are easy:

  1. Write your piece on your blog (any platform!) you can even use your Facebook Note!
  2. Maximum 700 words
  3. in English (of course, it is an English Writing Challenge)
  4. You may link your post here or not but most importantly:
  5. Fill this below inlinkz (click it and I swear it won’t do you any harm) 😀

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