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Simple Thing(s) [EF 16.15]

Hi All,

How are you? It’s been so long since the last challenge which held on 2 September 2016. If I am not mistaken, we have been in a hiatus mode for almost 3 months since then. I know I know… it seems that BEC challenge activities have been shut down for an unknown reason. But, there will always be a reason behind everything in this world, right? Well, it is not an important issue to be told actually. -_-‘

Anyhow, we are back. We are back with a challenge. A challenge which can refresh us to write something in English as a matter of learning. It’s OK. Do not be afraid to be wrong. We are all learning here.

simple keep it simple

So, what is the topic for now? Have you checked our last post on English Essential? Yes, correct. It is about KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart). In accordance with that topic, please tell us on your blog post anything you can describe with word “simple”. It can be a simple thing but most important in your life. It can be a sorted list of simple daily tricks that you can share to the world. Or, you can just follow the discussion above about KISS by implementing the KISS theory on your post. It is up to you guys.

Enjoy it and have a good time!

Ah yes.. please do not forget our simple rules below:

  1. Write your piece on your blog (any platform!) you can even use your Facebook Note!
  2. Maximum 700 words
  3. in English (of course, it is an English Writing Challenge)
  4. You may link your post here or not but most importantly:
  5. Fill this below inlinkz (click it and I swear it won’t do you any harm)

See you! 😀

Are You Under or Over Insured? [EF 16.14]

Hi you all!  It is me again writing for the blog.  grin

For the past few months my job had robbed me of my blogging time. Thus I was unable to post anything here. But I’m still around!

Then yesterday,  when Vita asked what should we post today,  I half intently browsed what this month is all about. I used the keyword “September is the month of what?”

Haha! Then I landed on this Wikipedia:


And guess what? With personal finance niche that I pick for my own blog,  I jokingly suggested to the admin what if the challenge for today is to ask the members of BEC tell us their opinion/experience regarding insurance?

Never thought that everyone would agree to use the topic. As it is a topic which not many of us familiar with.

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Review EF16.12: Your First Time

Halo semuanya! Kayaknya sudah lama banget ya ga ada post review, mimin dan mentornya pada sibuk :p . Nah syukurlah kali ini kita bisa menghadirkan kembali post review challenge member.

Daaan yang beruntung kali ini adalah…. blogpost mas DioBhas yang berjudul First Trip to the Dentist. Terima kasih ya sudah bersedia untuk direview postnya.. terima kasih juga untuk mentor kita yang mereview kali ini, mbak Dhita 😀 . Yuk kita baca dan belajar sama-sama ^^ . Ehem, kalau misalnya ada salah-salah ketik, atau ada yang mau ditanyakan, silakan tinggalkan komentar di bawah, atau boleh colek-colek mimin dan mentor di twitter atau di Facebook ya! 😉

Review tulisan bahasa Inggris: First Trip to the Dentist

Well, well, well, I have written three posts for this blog in (the) previous month, now August is coming, so please be nice August! I hope I can write four posts or more in this month! Haha, by the way I have changed my blog design, from “yippy blog” to simple blog. Well, I hope you enjoy it, and now you can follow this blog! Click (+) button on blog header for follow this blog, and leave me a message on (the) comment column for asking (to ask me) to follow back, yiha!

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your favorite indonesian writer or author

EF16.13 Challenge: Indonesian Writer

Okay, should it be writer or author… hmm. Well, this week challenge is about Indonesian Writer or Author that you like the most. The theme was the number one theme on the poll created on BEC’s Facebook Groups.

Have you joined the groups? Check BEC’s Facebook Groupsand join please, please baby please.

One of my favorite writers is Dee Lestari. I really love to read her books, especially her short stories. They were simple yet meaningful. For instance was the Onion Peeling story from Madre. It was simple yet it touched me so bad (inside).

Who Is Your Favorite Indonesian Writer?

your favorite indonesian writer or author

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Worth it vs Worthed

You really need to read this post from our mentor mbak Yo, about “Worthed vs Worth it”. You might need to take some time to get yourself used to ‘the right word’.. But this post is really *worth it*. 🙂

Chez Lorraine

Infographic ini membahas Worth it vs Worthed dengan penjelasan lewat tata bahasa dan fonetis. Niat banget ya gw sampe bikin sendiri. Alasannya karena infographic lebih gampang dimengerti daripada tekst. Kalo ada yang mau tambah info, silahkan. Yang setelah lihat infographic ini tetep ngga ngerti, silahkan tulis pertanyaan dibagian komen. Yang mau share atau reblog, silahkan juga.

Worth it vs Worthed

Oh ya, gw juga pernah jelasin tentang boring, dateline dan gateway di 3 kata bahasa Inggris yang salah dieja.

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EF16.12 Challenge: Your First Time

Some said that first time is everything. It will last forever. Such as the first time we went to school, work, etc. Or even the first time you met your spouse – the one.

This week, we read news about first time to go to school. Some wrote that their children were very happy. And some not – they were afraid of the new environment.

I remembered my first time went abroad. It was scary. I never been abroad before, not even to Singapore. And at that time, I had to take flight to Malaysia then continued to Paris before landing at Monrovia, Liberia.

Can you imagine? My flight to Malaysia was delayed for about an hour. I had no clue whether I could catch the next flight. With zero experience, I was sitting down anxiously. I asked flight attendants several time – perhaps she felt annoyed by me. 😀

As soon as the plane touched down KLIA, I rushed into the gate where my next flight waiting. And… you know what… Both flights were same airways. They waited for me and several others from Indonesia. Thank God.

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Kenapa Baca Buku Berbahasa Inggris?

Buat teman-teman yang masih berpikiran: “Belajar Bahasa Inggris yang bener dulu deh baru ntar baca buku Bahasa Inggrisnya.”

Salah satu metode paling ampuh buat belajar Bahasa Inggris adalah dengan MEMBACA buku-buku berbahasa Inggris. Dengan membaca kita akan langsung berhadapan dengan pengaplikasian grammar, pemilihan kata dan bagaimana maksud sebuah cerita disampaikan.

Jadi masih mau nunda baca buku berbahasa Inggris?

Arip Blog

black pink

Saya enggak pernah ikutan kursus, hanya belajar otodidak lewat baca manga dan nonton video (biasanya varshow Korea) dengan subtittle Bahasa Inggris. Lebih jauh, sejak mengenal komputer dan video game saat masih bocah dulu, saya berpikir kalau belajar Bahasa Inggris itu suatu keniscayaan. Untungnya iya. Jujur, saya pun sebenarnya enggak jago-jago amat, tapi kalau boleh songong, TOEFL bisalah di atas 500.

Dimulai dengan Metamorphosis-nya Franz Kafka dan The Book of Laughter and Forgetting-nya Milan Kundera, novella serta kumpulan cerpen hasil pinjaman dari Kineruku, dan keduanya hanya selesai kebaca setengah jalan, sejak setahun lalu, saya sudah membabat beragam buku berbahasa Inggris. Kebanyakan novel, kumcer, dan kumpulan esai. Baru berhasil mengkhatamkan Dubliners-nya James Joyce, itupun dengan terseok-seok, dan banyak enggak ngertinya karena bahasa Inggris-nya British banget (atau Irlandia?). Akhirnya mulai menikmati pas nyelesain novel Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World-nya Haruki Murakami. Untuk tips, membaca novel Inggris…

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EF16.11 Challenge: Holiday + A Picture

Wow, time flies. It’s already the 11th challenge this year!

So…holiday is coming! Yup, since Eid al-Fitr is approaching fast, I’m sure those in Indonesia will have a (quite long?) holiday. Do you have a plan already? How about those living in other parts of the world?  Is there any special holiday approaching too? You could tell us!

Yes, Holiday is the topic for this week’s challenge! But…. let’s make it more challenging! Take a look on these five images below (all images are taken from pixabay).

No. 1


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Need An Inspiration to Write in English? Here, Pick One! :D

This year, days gone by so fast. And just about this week, we are already in the middle of the year. So what is better than a round-up post of the challenges we rolled out so far?

You can use this post to find an inspiration or two (or even more!) when you want to write something in English but seem can’t find any idea. 😀 That is what we do best, give you challenges week after week.

So for the last over 5 months, here are the challenges that you can pick:

Challenge #16.1: New Year, New Word!

This was our very first challenge in 2016. With the new year celebration still in the air, we challenged you all to share what will be your word for the year!

This kind of challenge we think will be our regular challenge every year in the future. It helped me personally in 2015 getting through the year and hopefully will do too this year. And we wanted all of you good guys following this blog will have a wonderful year by setting your theme in the beginning.

We always welcome you if you just decided to choose your word and decided to publish your post! Continue reading

EF 16.10 What Kind of Adjustment(s) You Need to Do During Ramadan?

Hi there you all friends! Been two weeks since our last challenge two weeks ago about what are unexpected events you have experienced from your blog. Have you posted yours? Come on! You still have another two weeks to be able to post your link on the inlinkz form!

Now with Ramadan already going for almost a week, we have another challenge for you! And this one, of course, related to the Muslim’s holy month. But worry not, everyone can (and should!) join the challenge!


Yes, as our post title:

“What kind of Adjusment(s) You Need to Do During Ramadan?”

Certainly with the vast majority of the Muslim population in the country, there are adjustments everywhere during the event. Like office hours which is cut for half an hour, the increasing traffic or even the restrictions for dining to operate during the day.

How do you bear longer commuting time with an empty stomach if you’re heading home right before iftar? What is your strategy to have your lunch while there is no dining place around your office seems to operate? How do you feel about it? Will you bare it all so that we can learn from your story?

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