your favorite indonesian writer or author

EF16.13 Challenge: Indonesian Writer

Okay, should it be writer or author… hmm. Well, this week challenge is about Indonesian Writer or Author that you like the most. The theme was the number one theme on the poll created on BEC’s Facebook Groups.

Have you joined the groups? Check BEC’s Facebook Groupsand join please, please baby please.

One of my favorite writers is Dee Lestari. I really love to read her books, especially her short stories. They were simple yet meaningful. For instance was the Onion Peeling story from Madre. It was simple yet it touched me so bad (inside).

Who Is Your Favorite Indonesian Writer?

your favorite indonesian writer or author

For this week challenge, please do share your favorite Indonesian writer. You can name more than one and please do tell why you love him/her.

Was it for the writing style? Or actually his/her actual life?

Ah, anyway, you can also write about a book review from your favorite Indonesian Writer. Why do you love the book or why do you hate it?

Was the book worth buying or not?

Share with us and don’t forget the rules:

  1. Write your piece on your blog (any platform!) you can even use your Facebook Note!
  2. Maximum 700 words
  3. in English (of course, it is an English Writing Challenge)
  4. You may link your post here or not but most importantly:
  5. Fill this below inlinkz (click it and I swear it won’t do you any harm)😀 and you will still be able to fill in the form up to a month from today!

Looking forward to your submission!!


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