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EF16.12 Challenge: Your First Time

Some said that first time is everything. It will last forever. Such as the first time we went to school, work, etc. Or even the first time you met your spouse – the one.

This week, we read news about first time to go to school. Some wrote that their children were very happy. And some not – they were afraid of the new environment.

I remembered my first time went abroad. It was scary. I never been abroad before, not even to Singapore. And at that time, I had to take flight to Malaysia then continued to Paris before landing at Monrovia, Liberia.

Can you imagine? My flight to Malaysia was delayed for about an hour. I had no clue whether I could catch the next flight. With zero experience, I was sitting down anxiously. I asked flight attendants several time – perhaps she felt annoyed by me. 😀

As soon as the plane touched down KLIA, I rushed into the gate where my next flight waiting. And… you know what… Both flights were same airways. They waited for me and several others from Indonesia. Thank God.

Share Your First Time

robot-916284_1280This week challenge is about your first time. Any kind of first time. Your first time working or even your first time falling in love.

You can write about your first date with you love one also kepo mode

First times only happen once… so enjoy – Amittabh Bachan (Review film Vinglish)

As usual, write your first time with these following rules:

  1. Write your piece on your blog (any platform!) you can even use your Facebook Note!
  2. Maximum 700 words
  3. in English (of course, it is an English Writing Challenge)
  4. You may link your post here or not but most importantly:
  5. Fill this below inlinkz (click it and I swear it won’t do you any harm)😀 and you will still be able to fill in the form up to a month from today!


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