About Holiday (EF 16.11 challenge submission recap)



Image from: http://www.wego.com/pages/want-more-holidays-move-country-infographic

Wow, time flies! It’s already Friday again. As last Friday we already launched our EF16.12 challenge about “first time”, today it’s the time for reviewing the previous challenge, EF16.11: Holiday.

If you remember, we posted five pictures to select and write about. So let’s see… Nia chose the book picture, because it reminded her of her postponed holiday planning. So what does her post title “Otaru” mean, and how is it related to her holiday planning? Well..better read it by yourself 🙂 You won’t regret it as there is another really nice picture Nia added to her post, which can tell you more about Otaru…

Uwi also picked the same picture, it’s that interesting isn’t it?! 😀 She already have five books ready to spend the holiday with! Boy, but that’s only a thing among many things she wanted to do during the holiday: spending time with her family, blogging, and participating in blog competition (be aware that all these are nouns -as they are related to “things” from “many things”; they are gerunds! What is a gerund? Read here in our blog: Gerund, apakah itu? 😀 )

A warm welcome to our new member Dhio who also picked the same picture, but with a different reason: he thought he might not be able to read any books during the holiday in his grandma’s house because it would be too crowded. Well, we hope he had another fun  activity there anyway!

The only member who chose a different picture is bukenip, who preferred the family picnic picture. She had been used to spending the holiday with her big family, and was looking forward to another one soon.

Hey, speaking of holiday, that reminds me of the fact in the infographic I inserted at the beginning of this post: number of public holidays by country. As for Indonesia, I might quote Goldilocks on this… not too many, not too few, the number of public holiday in Indonesia is just right! 🙂


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