EF 16.10 What Kind of Adjustment(s) You Need to Do During Ramadan?

Hi there you all friends! Been two weeks since our last challenge two weeks ago about what are unexpected events you have experienced from your blog. Have you posted yours? Come on! You still have another two weeks to be able to post your link on the inlinkz form!

Now with Ramadan already going for almost a week, we have another challenge for you! And this one, of course, related to the Muslim’s holy month. But worry not, everyone can (and should!) join the challenge!


Yes, as our post title:

“What kind of Adjusment(s) You Need to Do During Ramadan?”

Certainly with the vast majority of the Muslim population in the country, there are adjustments everywhere during the event. Like office hours which is cut for half an hour, the increasing traffic or even the restrictions for dining to operate during the day.

How do you bear longer commuting time with an empty stomach if you’re heading home right before iftar? What is your strategy to have your lunch while there is no dining place around your office seems to operate? How do you feel about it? Will you bare it all so that we can learn from your story?

While telling us the story, try your best to use the words that Riyan told us in the last English Essential.

The rule is as simple as our other challenges:

  1. Write your piece on your blog (any platform!) you can even use your Facebook Note!
  2. Maximum 700 words
  3. in English (of course, it is an English Writing Challenge)
  4. You may link your post here or not but most importantly:
  5. Fill this below inlinkz (click it and I swear it won’t do you any harm)😀 and you will still be able to fill in the form up to a month from today


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