Adjustments for Ramadan Ideas from Our Friends (Submission Recap For Challenge 16.10)

Hi you all there, how are you doing?

Ramadan is already almost over and today is already two weeks since the challenge 16.10. We have Arbiyanti and Zia Subhan joining the challenge! Thank you!

Well, why didn’t I join the challenge? (>.<) You know, I need to do some adjustments which made me impossible to write the challenge. 😀 But anyway, let us see how Arbiyanti and Zia Subhan facing this Ramadan and what kind of adjustments they make?

Off Limits During Ramadan

I can say her idea of adjustment is the very same thing I do myself. She wrote about thing(s) off limits during this fasting month. And she put coffee away for the whole month.

I did have my coffee during the very first day of Ramadan and soon learned that my body couldn’t take it. Not after a day with minimum water supply. And Arbiyanti made it clear that her body, our body, need healthier supply during this fasting month.

Other than telling story about limiting coffee intake, Arbiyanti also gave us other useful resources. Go and read for yourself by just clicking the sub title.

Teaching Our Children About Ramadan

It must be challenging to teach your little ones fasting during Ramadan. And Zia Subhan wrote tips how to do it.

I still don’t have the experience since my boy is still 4 years old, but I remember my first year of fasting. It was hard! How to teach a 6 or 7 years old not to eat or drink during the day must be tricky.

For those with kids, old enough kid to fasting must be already know about it. Or still curious how to do it? Just click the subtitle above and learn about it yourself.

Want to join the Challenge?

Or do you want to share yours? Write kind of adjustments you need to do during the Moslem’s holy month?

You still can! Come on! Write a short post (maximum 700 words) and share it with us by filling out the form which will still be available until the next two weeks. But you can still write it anyway by giving a link back to the challenge post.

Or you can check our post a couple of weeks ago for the recap of published challenges so far and pick one of them for your English writing practice idea!

Connect, learn and having fun with us!


One thought on “Adjustments for Ramadan Ideas from Our Friends (Submission Recap For Challenge 16.10)

  1. Zia Subhan says:

    It’s just a few days left, Ramadan is about to be over. I’m feeling so sad, I didn’t manage well to fulfill all my Ramadan goals, wish I had done more. The wonderful feeling’s in the air and we never ever want it to end.

    Thank you for linking my blog post. 🙂

    May Allah accept all our fasts and ibadah. Aamiin


    Liked by 1 person

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