Great People, Great Event, BEC First Meet-Up.

Last Saturday went surprisingly well.  Our first meet-up was a big hit!

BEC 1st Meet Up & Sponsors

BEC 1st Meet Up & Sponsors

Nita was the first one arrived at Ministry of Education and Culture Library with Ike, a new member of BEC. A few minutes later me, Ryan and Deva got there. Unfortunately, Andik couldn’t manage to come since he had a very urgent matter at hand. We started the preparation around 9.00 am.

That early morning, team from Idcaster already busy preparing for live streaming equipment. Never before I handled an event that broadcasted live! While the team is setting up the venue, admins with the help from members that happened to arrive early, were inflating balloons from Nita and preparing the registration desk. We planned to have an instagram contest prepared by Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to do so and only manage to use the props for the photo session at the end.

Around 10. 30 o’clock Ms. Ollie, our keynote speaker for the day arrived. What a punctual person. Deva and I had a quick chat with her. She told us that she was interested to be our speaker since she saw this is new. A blogging community trying to improve their members’ English skill. This is a good cause that can help promote Indonesia. However, the topic, how to blog in English perplexed her. She found it a bit difficult to give an explanation. Well, since there is only one key to writing in English confidently which is just write. If you never write then you’ll never get the confidence. It makes sense, doesn’t it?


Yeye from Millie Cakery

At around the same time, our another important sponsor arrived. Yeye from Millie Cakery provided us delicious snacks. There were “pastel”s, brownie cakes and puddings. Delicious nibbles that fueled us for the rest of the day.

A few minutes later we started to read out the rundown for the day. Nita shared the story of how this Blog English Club from the very beginning though he only had 5 minutes.

Mr. Hartanto then explained about Idcaster and how live streaming works. Unfortunately in the middle of his explanation our projector went off. We panicked for a while and Mr. Hartanto continued his explanation until the end without any supporting slide and we failed to do a live streaming demo.

Deva then led the next session with Ms. Ollie presented her materials. It was a mind-blowing experience. So many things were explained, not only how to blog in English confidently but also how to manage our time, harvesting ideas and even we have a short workshop. A 15 minutes writing workshop to tell someone else’s story.

We will share about Ms. Ollie’s material on different post. It’s worth it.

Turned our a very fruitful workshop. We got to know our member’s writing skill. In a 15 minutes workshop, Etty showed us how to write a heart-touching story. She won a voucher from Home for Passion and a motivational CD from James Gwee Success Center.

As if the material from Ms. Ollie is not enough, we then had Mr. Wawan explained to us about web security. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker. How many times do we get the chance to learn from the master right? Lucky us! 😀

Then came the last session, we pick Utie as our member of the month and we announced the winner of our first ever giveaway. Ongko won the community icon contest. Unfortunately, he didn’t attend the meet up since he lives in Medan.

It was a wrap and, all in all, we had a great time!

We thank all the sponsors for this event, hereby we would like to mention all of our sponsors:

1. Ms. Ollie Salsabeela,  founder of and co-founder of that will share her knowledge
2. Library of Ministry of Education and Culture,  Republic of Indonesia
3. Idcaster for web streaming during the event.
4. Millie Cakery by Yeye for the delicious cakes and puddings
5. for the props and decoration
6. Home for Passion and James Gwee Success Center for prize during the event.

and all parties that generously be the helping hands for us. Thank you!

If you have posted your story about the meet-up, feel free to submit your link to below inlinkz plugin so that we can read your story. This inlinkz submission form will available until early of April 2015.


14 thoughts on “Great People, Great Event, BEC First Meet-Up.

  1. Nia nastiti says:

    Absolutely counting to the next event. Thank you so much for all admin who already prepare the whole things on their own. Thank you to the kindly sponsors. See you later all BEC’s members, nice to meet you all 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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