Faster Submissions Recap

image taken from inlinkz's web page display

image was taken from inlinkz’s web page display

We know that many of you curious about yesterday’s event but the first thing first. Let us share our new recap system first.

As you all already aware that we changed the recap system since challenge #7 – Snap and Tell a Story. Previously we used google form and require you to fill out the form on the same page. No expired date for filling out the form. It will always be there. Later on, we will manually publish a recap post.

But then Maya suggested using inlinkz service and we were so eager to try. From the 7th challenge, we put it there. On that post, you no longer find the form to submit information about your submission. Instead, you will find this small button from inlinkz :


inlinkz button

To post your submission link you only need to click on the button that will bring you to the form page and list of the submitted links before you. The form will look like this:


Inlinkz submission form

As you can see from the image, you need to enter URL of your post, name and email before pressing submit link button. Once you submit it your link will be online shortly afterwards and everybody can visit your page through the link.

One thing that you should pay attention is information above the first field where you can input your URL. There is a deadline to post your submission. Unlike the previous form using Google docs that have no expiry date, inlinkz only allow you to submit until a certain date. This to encourage you more to write your answer to the week’s challenge.

One big advantage using inlinkz is that you can right away browse members submission and read them. You don’t have to wait any longer. As long as there’s member submitted their link already, you can read it right away. Just open the relevant challenge post and click on the inlinkz button that will bring you to the recap page.

We try our best to find a way to improve our interaction. Thanks to Maya for the suggestion. Enjoy and Cheers! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Faster Submissions Recap

  1. MS says:

    kalau mau buat GA inklinkz ini juga bisa dipake ya, memudahkan yg punya acara, nggak repot recap dan nggak khawatir ada nama yg kelupaan dicatat

    thanks usulannya buat Maya, lanjut ah ke blog Maya mau kenalan


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