Things About Friday


Yeye from Millie Cakery

This post will explain things related to Friday that we use as a part of this blog’s address.

Maybe many of you wondering why we use as our blog name. The blog represents some of BEC’s activities. Hopefully, this post will give you a clearer image.

When we first started BEC, we were thinking that writing an English post based on a prompt would be hard. We knew our limitation and though that it may take more than one day to come up with a post. Nita, Ryan and I planned to publish the challenge every Monday so that we could have enough time to think and then publish our post on Friday in the same week.

The challenge was meant only for the three of us. We never thought that many of you, our fellow bloggers, will be interested and so we launched the initiatives earlier this year. For the first few weeks, we can consistently manage submissions of the challenge every Friday. Thus, we named the blog publishing the challenge

Then many people joined. Going forward, we realized that BEC have a very wide range of members. We try to keep Fridays as the submission day, however, there were many bloggers so eager and don’t need as much time as we do to write their post answering the challenge. We don’t want to discourage those who are so eager and so passionate to join the challenge. Thus, we bend the rules that we made earlier.

For now, feel free to post your answer to the challenge anytime starting from the time we published our post until the inlinkz submission form is closed which usually in a week after the challenge publish date.

In the future, when we see it fits, we will reinstate the Friday submission rule.

If you are interested to join this Blog English Club, feel free to join the challenge and you can read the rules of the challenge to get the hang of it. 🙂

Let’s learn together!



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