From Youtube Aerobics to Zumba!


Image from Umami

Well-well, it’s Friday already. Have you submitted your blog post answering our challenge this week? Which sport do you choose?

We have 12 submissions by the time this post is typed and here are the first five bloggers whose so eagerly submitted their post way before the rest of us make our posts:

1. Mareta that choose aerobic and badminton

There are few kind of sport that I rarely do together with my family, like bicycling around the village enjoying the sunrise moment or sometimes I prefer playing badminton with my sons and the other times I choose to do aerobic. [read the full post…]

2. Umami and his recovery swimming

There is some reasons why do I like swimming than others. According to me, swimming is the easiest sport to do. You just need swimming pool. Don’t worry if you haven’t master swimming yet. Swimming is easy, and always be. Ask your friend or your coach to teach swimming. Start from shallow area to make yourself wonted. Then, someday you could do it easily. [read fullpost…]

3. Nurul and Youtube aerobics

Talking about my favorite sport, off course it’s aerobics. Especially aerobics from youtube. Why? Because it’s very cheap! It only cost unlimited Wi-Fi subscription fee, and I can choose a lot of aerobics videos.[read full post…]

4. Motherfinger and her run

Besides cycling, I love running too. Why? because running can be done even without the participation of others. We can run anywhere and anytime, without the need to gather a few people first, then the sport can be played, such as Futsal, football or basketball. [read full post…]

5. Nurlienda and Zumba

Zumba is happening now. In my city, Bandung-West Java, Zumba become a popular sport especially for women. [read full post…]

For other submissions, please visit the inlinkz submission result page.

Happy reading! 😀



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