[Tidbits] Let’s Have a Giveaway!

Hi there! 

How is a week without our challenge?  Seems too quiet?

We have something up our sleeve actually. Another Blog English Club Giveaway! Yes another giveaway after the first one for the logo! (and hopefully it won’t be our last). This giveaway is to celebrate our 200th follower and as our appreciation to your support., grin

It is a very simple one.  We only ask you to follow this blog and then write down what will you do if you were an administrator of BEC?  It can be any ideas related to challenge or fun things you would do. A program or maybe even a challenge idea.

Wait that’s not all!  You have to be able to tell us about it only in 100 words! Not more!  😀

So what’s in it for you? 

We will choose 3 winners which every one of the winner will receive IDR 50.000,- in form of her/his own choosing. We can transfer it to your bank account,  or buy your cellphone credit balance.  Well,  we know that that amount of money is not that much but where the fun of it if we see it only from how much money we can get?  (hopefully we can have bigger event in the future grin)

Write your ideas and submit yout link to inlinkz below.  We will open the form for a week until 3 June 2015.

Oh,  one more thing.  Admins will have a meet-up on 7 June 2015 at Plaza Semanggi.  If any of you around Jakarta happens to be the winner of this giveaway,  we can also meet you!  🙂

Thank you and hopefully you will join the fun!  🙂


31 thoughts on “[Tidbits] Let’s Have a Giveaway!

  1. Vita says:

    Oh itukah sebabnya tdk ada challenge Senin kemaren.. bbrp kali aku cek saat bengong di lab nungguin eksperimen kemarin.. aku pikir mau dibikin kayak les2an musik, minggu kelima libur 😀
    Btw, kalo mau ikutan kudu follow blog ya?


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