From Co-Workers to a Cat – The Complicated Relationship from Members

Banyak ya kisah soal complicated relationship itu. Nah berikut ini adalah 5 posts member yang paling pertama submit di Jumat lalu.


  1. We Are Family

A complicated relationship among team work that experienced by Mas Aan in his Kantin S15. Relationship between the workers is the complicated one, written by Mas Aan. If you want to know about how to uncomplicated the relation, read it more here.

  1. It was so complicated for my pocket money

A story from Nadia about her and her pocket money. A very complicated relationship between her and her pocket money already begun since she was in college. Asking to parents for it seems to be the last restort for her. What was happening to her and how she dealt with it, read it more here.

  1. Complicated Relationship

It is like a roller coaster, Sandrine wrote in her post about her relationship in life. Sometimes it went up, sometimes it went down. But she enjoyed it. Want to know why? Read it here.

  1. How to deal with complicated relationship

Having a relationship with other human being means that you are ready to be involve in complicated relationship, Febriyan said. If you want to know what and how to deal with complicated relationship, read it here.

  1. Complicated Relationship

Having complicated relationship is not only with other person. It is also about relationship with their pets. Beby wrote about her complicated relationship with Kuro, her cat. Want to know how complicated it is, read it here.

If you want to read others’ post about complicated relationship, you can read it here.

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