Blog English Club Come to Reading Walk Gathering!

On March 8, 2015, Reading Walk, an online book rental held their first gathering and Blog English Club was invited. I was honored to do a quick presentation about our community. Beside BEC, Reading Walk also invited Goodreads Indonesia, which was represented by Selvi. Hi Selvi!

Thank God, many participants were excited and expressed their interest to join BEC. They asked how can they join the community if the quota of BEC’s WhatsApp member already full? And my answer was, “You still could join BEC through your writing in your blog. Join our weekly challenge! If we have new media to communicate, we will announce it on our blog.”

Beside the presentation of community, this gathering also held book swap between the participant. On this event, me – as BEC’s representative got the book which borrowed from Wulan, “The Princess in Me”. Later on this book should be returned to the owner. Yeay! The new way to build networking!

After book swap, Reading Walk made some quizzes and at that time, I got a chance to answer. I received a cutie poster that says “Let’s Get Inspired”.

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Last but not least, thank you so much to Reading Walk’s admins [Rangga, Yasmin, and Febi] for the invitation and let me introduce BEC. We hope Reading Walk more success in the future! And why don’t we rent some books from Reading Walk! 😀

See you!

5 thoughts on “Blog English Club Come to Reading Walk Gathering!

  1. fajarnugrahaini2 says:

    Awww.. sooo proud of you, Deva, Hope BEC can progressively expand and maintain to share benefits to each other.. ^__^


  2. Gara says:

    Yes, it’s such a blessing to have you as one of the five great admins, Miss Deva. You have done the introducing very smoothly. I hope this great community could last forever and continue spreading knowledge about English in any form possible.
    Bravo! :)).


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