Apa itu Auxiliary Verb?

Auxiliary Verb adalah kata kerja yang ditulis sebelum main verb.

Source here

Source here


  1. Do – Do di sini digunakan sebagai penekanan pada kalimat normal.

    • They do yoga.
    • Do we have time?
    • He does not know the truth.
  2. To be [am, is, here, was, were, be, being, been] – biasanya digunakan untuk membentuk present atau past continous tense
    • Present Continous:
      • She is washing her clothes.
    • Past Continous:
      • They were eating burger last night.
  3. Have [have, has, had] – digunakan untuk membentuk Perfect Tense
    • Since February 2009, I have studied in United States.
    • I have been following your blog since 2 years ago.
    • I had too much dream last night.

5 thoughts on “Apa itu Auxiliary Verb?

  1. santi says:

    pak, kalo mau jadi contributor gimana caranyaah? mau dong nulis soal grammar2an. pan sini grammar nazi 😀 . hihihi, ga ding biar ga lupa sama materi kuliah jamaaan duyu 😀 😀


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