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BEC WhatsApp Group

It has been a joyful ride since day one in Blog English Club. That is obviously in line with our very first intention of creating an English learning group and its community to help improving our skills, especially in writing matters. We started with 3 members who are now admins of the group, then it grew to 100 members in one month. Well, we have reached 100 members in less than a month actually, but since the schedule for adding member is every Friday, then we can only exceed that number after a month.

We are still receiving many interest from our blogger friends, who are wanted to join the group, showing a very high learning spirit. But, unfortunately, WhatsApp limits only up to 100 members. To be honest, this BEC Learning group is the largest group I’m in, so far.

Never thought before that this group will become this huge. All the members’ learning spirit becomes fuel for us to give the best learning environment as possible as we can. Every Saturday evening until late at night we discuss how to run the group more effectively so that each member can get the best out of it, what will be the most interesting challenges, and what topic should our mentors share on Wednesdays.

To enlarge our coverage, now Blog English Club already runs its blog and Twitter account. This englihsfriday.wordpress.com blog shared and will share materials discussed in Wednesday sessions under English Essentials category. This is a very useful resource for our blogger friends that can not join discussions in the group nor who are not included in the group due to WhatsApp limitation.

Other than that, on our twitter account, @blogenglishclub, tweets materials from our mentors will be on every Wednesdays and challenge submission links on every Fridays. We think that, through twitter anyone can get the benefit from Blog English Club.

Hopefully, by using those mentioned available media, all of our blogger friends can get the best out of the initiative and improving our English skills.


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