[EF#3 Weekly Recap] How Gadgets Affect Our Life

It was a challenging week. The theme forced many of us to think a bit deeper about our relationship with our (mostly) electronic gadgets.How those devices could make the distance with our friends and (probably) people that we barely knew closer, while creating space with our loved ones. I ended up went on visiting my … Continue reading [EF#3 Weekly Recap] How Gadgets Affect Our Life

[EF#2 Weekly Recap] Wildest Dream

Wildest dream was a great theme challenge for English Friday. It brought some of us to a journey knowing ourselves. So many  dreams gathered, selected and then posted. I was having such a nice and enriching experience reading the challenge submissions. Some of the entries then inspired me to envision other dreams besides the one I … Continue reading [EF#2 Weekly Recap] Wildest Dream

[EF#1 Weekly Recap] Word(s) for 2015

We (Mas Ryan, Nita and I) never thought before that BEC would get so many responses. We even surprised when there were 4 bloggers with very good understanding of English voluntarily expressed their willingness to be our mentors. Up to date we have more than 50 members in our WhatsApp group. Wow! We are trying our best to come … Continue reading [EF#1 Weekly Recap] Word(s) for 2015