Thank you!

Hi! Good morning to you all! Guess it is time for a thank you post. 🙂

It has been a wonderful year for us. We started this Blog English Club about a year ago. We never thought that we will reach this far. A year and still running. At first, we thought that this initiative would end not so long after we started, but look at us now!

This Blog English Club blog now has more than 200 followers both on our @blogenglishclub twitter account and the blog and it is amazing!

We try our best to regularly post our bi-weekly challenge with the last 33rd challenge is set for a longer period of time with its topic to ask you to share how do you see yourself in the next ten years. Have you joined the challenge anyway? 😀 What you need to do is write a post about it on your blog and submit it to us. You will get an amazing opportunity to be reviewed by our mentors. 

Speaking of mentors. We are so lucky to have amazing and great people to be our mentors. Thank you to Mbak Yo, Mbak Eva, Mbak Mikan, Mbak Nana and Mbak Tjetje for your big heart to guide us and provide your time. To share us your knowledge and to review our members’ posts. Mbak Yo even wrote a post about her experience learning foreign languages which I can get so many lessons from it. The post is written in Indonesian, so worry not that you’ll need extra effort to understand. 🙂 We know for sure that a mere thank you would never enough, but let us say it once more. Thank you!

About the review itself, we understand that it is very daunting to say yes for his/her post to be reviewed, but we hope that is not the reason behind the drop of the participant numbers in every challenge. *BIG GRIN*. To me personally, being reviewed is a big opportunity to improve my English writing skill. So we hope that more and more of you will join the challenge in the future and eagerly ask to be reviewed by our mentor. 🙂 However, let us say thanks to you all who already said yes for her/his post to be reviewed by our mentors.

Last but not least, let us say thanks to you all who keeps coming back here and read our updates. It means so much to us to have you around. Drop us a comment, an email or let us know your thinking through our twitter account. Hopefully, what we are doing could help you in any way. Thank you!

Happy holidays and see you next year!

BEC Admins

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