EF#32 Make Us Curious and Inspire Us!

Hello! It’s Friday already and it is time for our bi-weekly challenge!

After talking about present continuous tense last Wednesday, we were thinking about what kind of challenge that will suit the English Essential post. Well, since we talked about the format to use when we talk about what we are doing, so why don’t we ask you what is the most exciting thing that you are currently doing?

Share to us what excites you the most now and the reason behind it. Whether it is learning to knit a sweater, doodling on a piece of paper, that currently big hit of colouring for adult or anything!

It must be fun to tell us about something that you are currently very passionate about. Who knows who will get inspired and maybe join forces with you to do the same thing!

Let me put it in Indonesian (yep Indonesian, not Bahasa or you may use Bahasa Indonesia :D):

Ceritakan tentang hal menarik yang saat ini sedang kalian lakuan, kenapa kok bisa memilih kegiatan itu dan cerita lainnya yang lebih detail tentang serunya kegiatan itu! 🙂

Tell us your story in maximum 700 words and share you links here in the inlinkz below!

Come and share your thing and inspire us! 🙂


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