#EF 27: The Review

Halo! Berjumpa lagi dengan… admin :hehe.

Setekah dua minggu lalu kita secara resmi merilis EF 27, kali ini kami datang untuk menepati janji yang telah kami tuliskan di sana: melakukan review atas satu postingan yang beruntung! Dan tak perlu menunggu lama lagi, kami sudah memilih satu postingan yang beruntung mendapat review dari mentor, dan postingan itu adalah…

Jeng jeng jeng…

Mbak Ira dengan judul postingan “EF #27: Drink Plenty of Water and Sleep Early”!!

Sebelumnya selamat dulu buat Mbak Ira karena sudah menjadi postingan yang terpilih. Terima kasih juga sudah berkenan memberi kesempatan pada kami untuk mempublish ulang postingan Mbak. Terima kasih juga untuk mbak Yo, mentor yang sudah meluangkan waktu untuk mereview post terpilih kali ini. Yuk, kita baca hasil reviewnya dan belajar bersama-sama ūüôā

(Koreksi ditulis dalam huruf tebal)

* * *

How long I did not write about English Friday?¬†How long have I not written/done about English Friday?¬†¬†I think I miss¬†missed¬†two challenges. I knew I would just use my excuse for this. But let‚Äôs try¬†I try¬†to fix it with writing the new challenge. Thank you mas Ryan for remind¬†reminding¬†me ¬†about this challenge¬†ūüėĬ†.

Two years ago, I did not like to drink mineral water. I preferred color water than mineral water. I knew that our body need needed mineral water eight glasses per day but I just did not like it, until I had Hepatitis A. I need to drunk drink a lot of mineral water to help clean my liver.  After my doctor said I was healthy, I love to bring a tumbler with mineral water. In a restaurant I choose to drink mineral water than color water like ice tea, Thai tea, (no comma necessary here)  or coffee. It makes my digestive organs healthier too.

Another habit that changes my life is sleep sleeping early. It is really helpful. I feel energizing energetic. I used to feel fatigue and cranky when I slept late at night. I tried to sleep between nine or eleven o’clock everyday and get up at three or four o’clock. It was really hard before. I feel felt lazy to wake up early. But now, it is easy to get up and I feel fresher than before.

This simple habit changes has changed my life. Sleep sleeping early and drink drinking mineral water can help me feeling fresher than before,. (point instead of comma). I can think more clearly, and my mood in the morning is great too.
* * *
Yuk, yang belum ikutan EF 28, segera tulis ceritamu tentang¬†lagu ya! ūüôā

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