[Tidbits] Speak Just Like You Don’t Care

Hi all, meeting you again in the tidbits.

We just want to make a quick note on how you should just don’t care about minor errors during language learning process especially for speaking. Most of the times, overthinking about correctness in our spoken foreign language is just the biggest barriers for us to advance.

Unlike for written language which usually we have more time to think and rethink about the grammar and vocabulary choices, we often have more limited time to think about what we want to say in a foreign language which is not our mother tongue. One of the reason maybe because we have someone who is waiting to hear what we have in mind.

Unfortunately for many of us living in Indonesia, we are not get used to respect others when someone is making a mistake or two when she/he speaks. Many of us laugh at that person. Of course this is very discouraging when we are the one who talk.

However, if we want to get any advancement in learning how to speak in foreign language, we shall never get discouraged by this kind of manner. We just have to keep trying, keep learning like we just don’t care about our mistakes. Keep growing our confidence and use it every time we get the chance.

Of course we still have to learn and improve our speaking skill overtime, but the point is just speak first.

This movie can be a very good example on how we should be very confident on spoken language learning. It’s Home from Dreamworks Pictures, telling a story about Oh from Boov species that invading earth. Listen to its broken English but he still very confident about it. The actor played the character so well.

Here are some of the conversations between Gratuity “Tip” Tucci and the alien Oh:

Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci: Smell you later!

Oh: Smell me now! I can do fixing your car. I have seen you has broken it.
Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci: No, he is just purring.

Oh: Why do you haves this thing? Is it useful? Does it give meat or milk?

Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci: What? Ugh. No, you just have pets. For fun, and companionship.

Oh: You has me for companion on the ship.

Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci: Okay, pee break.

Oh: I, too, has to break pee. Or as you calls it ‘Number 1’.We also has the ‘number 2’

Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci: Okay.

Oh: and the ‘Number 3’.

Oh: Okay.

Oh: It is is a good thing I dooz not has to go the ‘Number 3′.It would not be safe for you.’

Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci: Urrgh.

Oh: We only dooz it once a year.I would not call it a holiday. But you dooz need to take the day off.


PS: We can only provide the trailer, you may find the full movie for yourself alright? 😀

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10 thoughts on “[Tidbits] Speak Just Like You Don’t Care

  1. Gara says:

    Tidak terlalu mengerti sayanya percakapan si Oh dan manusia itu, cuma ya memang mesti pede kalau mau belajar sesuatu, jangan takut salah soalnya salah itu biasa. Kalau sudah tahu salahnya, mesti diperbaiki supaya selanjutnya lebih baik lagi. Do your best in learning and you’ll surely get the best results. Saya juga masih terus belajar sih jadi masih banyak salah, tapi pede saja lagi :hehe :peace.


  2. Febriyan Lukito says:

    It is true. What matter the most is “to speak”. Lingkungan yang gak mendukung, ada baiknya ditinggalkan, imho. Karena “spirit” mentertawakan itu gak membuat kita ke mana2. Hanya diam di tempat dalam Bahasa Inggris.

    Thank you for the reminder


    • Vita says:

      Dan kadang diketawainnya bukan karena salah. Cuman niat ngomong (atau ngeblog 😀 ) berbahasa Inggris pun kadang diketawain karena dianggep “gaya” :p
      Pengalaman yg dulu2 jaman mahasiswa kalo kita2 bikin semacam “English Day” gitu (maksudnya biar ada kesempatan ngomong Inggris), biasanya malah digoda2in “ah gaya… ngomongnya pake bahasa Inggris..” terus gagal deh karena nyali ciut diketawain 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Febriyan Lukito says:

        So true Vita… Been there also. Dulu gw juga termasuk yang suka ngetawain atau mempertanyakan kenapa orang tua mengajarkan bahasa inggris ke anak2nya sejak kecil. Now? Uihhh no… It’s a must do learning since you are a kid.


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