Member’s View on Children Games Now and Then

Last week challenge was quite different from the previous ones. We asked pur members toexpress how do they think about children games back in their childhood with ones today.

It is very interesting reading how they think about this particular issue given many of them today already have children of their own. They already parents! Thus, this theme is very interesting. Here are the first five submissions for the challenge:

  1. ArlisaJati

When I was little, I prefer to play in groups, such as baseball games, “betengan” (running after one to another), go back to door, “engkling” (jump in a certain shape such as mountain, square, etc.), jump rope, hide and seek, etc., in addition to game houses, barbie or cooking with one or two people . I did it at the afternoon around after the Ashar in front of the house. In front of my parents’ house is a fairly wide but deserted vehicles, sometimes also in my parent’s yard, the yard of my parents is spacious enough for a group game. When I go home to my parents’ house, and meet up with my childhood friends, we often reminisce about how we played together as children. And it gives the experience and special memories for us. [read the full post…]

  1. Eka Cahyani

Today, our point of view of games has changed recently. Many years ago, games were associated with children, form of playing or sport and sometimes related to outdoor activity. By now, we can see that playing games doesn’t have any age limitation; from child to adult can play games. Games also can be played indoor and even easier. The gadget era today has brought us many games that have much more variation, more interesting and easy to get: just by clicking, downloading and then we can start playing the game. [read the full post…]

  1. Bali Daily

First, I will tell you games in my childhood time, in 1980-s that was spent in Kendari, South East Sulawesi. It means a lot of playing outside. Kasti, a softball-like games, Galasin or Gobak Sodorthat usually played in a badminton court, sembunyi-sembunyian (hide and seek), engklek (hopscotch traditional games). See? All were played outside and with friends. At least more than 4 kids. More kids means more fun! As we lived in a governmental housing, most of the kids were from outside Kendari, like Jogja, Palembang, Manado and Makassar. Really. It was a lot of fun at that time. When it was too hot to play, we would watch Gaban Series or Megaloman onVideo Cassette Player, still with a bunch of kids sitting comfortably on the floor as the couch was already fully seated! [read the full post…]

  1. Lia

I still remember the day that my neighbors and I always had a game night when I was a kid. On Saturday night we gathered up near the intersection of my house. We used to play many kind of games like petak umpet, baseball, tak bentenggobak sodor and any other traditional games. We didn’t care how much sweat we had from running and screaming loudly. All we did just have fun with friends. [read the full post…]

  1. Nadia

In my point of view, children games in the past times requires more physical activities. They were good for children motor ability development and interpersonal skills. While today’s games are good for their cognitive. Both have pluses and minuses, but I’d prefer the ones in my era. [read the full post…]

You can read other submissions in the inlinkz submission page.

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